Dr. Sand & Mr. Grass '17

guayota's volcanic island paradise


7th place & spirit winner

There are moments in history when the earth—

hurtling through space at unfathomable speeds and pitched on its inelegant yet crucial 23.4° axial tilt—takes a brief respite from spinning on its delicate cosmic strand of spiders silk and ceases to move. Our terrestrial fleck of dust, wandering aimlessly through infinity, stands completely still and humanity is shaken to its very core. The birth of Jesus. The theft of Helen. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand. The unveiling of the Segway scooter. 

All of these once-important affairs shall fall by the wayside when confronted with the magnitude of this life-altering moment in time, the first official Jogo Bonito tournament. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.