The Members

Hard-Bodies, Pwners & Classic Nice Guys

Supreme Leader of Jogo Bonito and undisputed on-field leader. When she's not too busy skiing, she can be found putting the team on her back and carrying us to victory. Prolific user of the winky emoji.


The fountain of youth personified. Was forged in the fiery magma chamber of Tenerife's Teide volcano and subsists only on sunlight, water, and the professionally-cleaned smiles of her closest friends.

Like the inimitable James Harden, Phil also has a beard and has given up on defense to focus on outscoring opponents through high-powered offense alone.

Following the birth of her darling son Aaron, Isi has been on maternity leave from Jogo for the last year. A most generous organization, J. Bonito Inc. has paid 100% of her considerable salary during her absence.

Born on a coffee finca in Colombia's tierra templada to FARC rebel parents, Talor managed to escape the civil war, master the English language and become a high-powered lawyer living in a mansion on the top of New York City's highest peak, Inwood Hill.

Jogo’s #1 cookie baker. When she’s not summiting Alps, programming the future of wearable tech or memorizing all of the world’s countries, capitals & flags, you can find her in the kitchen making her famous walnut and sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Though her rigorous ultimate schedule doesn’t allow her to attend all Jogo tournaments, she’s promised to mail fresh homemade baked goods every time she can’t attend.

As CEO of Germany's fastest-growing health insurance company, Rob will make an awkward habit of reminding you that "ultimate is a pretty dangerous sport" and "it'd be pretty unfortunate if something were to happen to you out there." You'll find it more expedient to just buy a policy at Popsure than to tell him you're satisfied with your current coverage.

Once the lead designer at IKEA, Oda was personally responsible for the couch that everyone in the 18-30 demographic in America is legally required to own. Disillusioned by the ascetic IKEA culture, Oda left to join a boutique Nordic design collective where she focuses on designing stools in the $10,000+ price range.

Though his Xing profile says that he's a lowly investigator at the Bundespolizei, Basti is in fact a real life Jason Bourne with no less than 10 passports and skills too dangerous to mention.

A professional rock climber, Alex had to seek written permission from her sponsor Patagonia to resume playing frisbee.

Born on the black sands of Tenerife and baptised in the magma of Mount Teide, Señor Richard Ricardo has never experienced weather colder than 20°. While the hot daylight hours are where Ricardo makes his living, nightfall brings out his alter-ego, DJ Amor.

Combining her two great passions—propagating new plants and drugs—Lena recently started a modest marijuana growing operation on the generous balcony of her luxury loft apartment.

Vichy Catalan is a legendary brand among Spanish mineral waters. Its genuine flavour and undisputed mineral and medicinal properties have earned it an excellent reputation amongst consumers and gastronomy professionals. You can expect to find it in the finest hospitality and catering establishments throughout the world.

A woman of few words, Graz’s aggressive on-field play nonetheless speaks volumes. Her love of ultimate is matched only by her disdain of French culture, which has lead her to boycott French toast, French Fries, the metric system & film.

Jogo’s lead architect, Frank is currently drawing up plans for the Chateau Bonito on the Amalfi Coast. Once the contractors are done renovating the existing Roman ruins with glass and steel, the site will be transformed into the ultimate vacation destination & big game sanctuary.

Fenja has been unable to attend a Jogo tournament for a while, since like any good German she’s been finishing her Master’s degree for the past 7 years. In addition to her native German and charming English, she also speaks seductive Spanish, earning her a relationship with Miguelito.

A proper Cobber, Nicky can be found teaching Australian slang every arvo to the Berlin brogans. Whether you’re frothing to make a smashie or just looking for a nice furfy, no wokkas, Nick’s got you covered, mate.

Locked in a fierce competition with Hugo for most jacked member of Jogo, Levke can undoubtedly do more pull ups than anyone else on the roster.

Once famous for the twin distinctions of Fastest Man in Europe and World’s Best Tournament Director, Smok has taken a one-year hiatus to become Poland’s Best Dad.

Small enough to fit into a 25L Patagonia Daypack yet strong enough to rip upwind, full-field flick hucks, Inga is a cost-effective main handler when smuggled in the Aeroflot overhead bin from Moscow to Barcelona.

Our Polish attaché. Once upon a time lived in Berlin before moving to Austria to start a most radical new job at Red Bull. The move was professionally rewarding, but Piotrek desperately missed Berlin and moved back soon thereafter.

Jogo Bonito Surgeon General and 80s fitness icon. Hasn’t been seen in years but remains invited to each and every Jogo tournament.

As you stand on the windy shores of Tenerife, you catch a glint in your eye in the west. Your eyes dart up to the treacherous turns of the narrow mountain passes where the orange-red glow of the sunset reflects off the motorcycle helmet of a rugged daredevil speedily hugging the curves. You watch, hypnotized, as the graceful rider slowly grows in your field of vision. He alights beside you, kisses you on the cheek, pours you a glass of red wine, takes the frisbee from your clammy, nervous hands and throws it upwind into the mouth of the volcano. You've just had the exquisite pleasure of meeting Patrão.

Case Closed Kara, as she’s known in the halls of the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Brooklyn, is Jogo Bonito’s foremost legal mind. When not putting an end to Phil and Talor’s incessant petty squabbling with no-nonsense verdicts, she can be found running Jogo’s only set play—the Debki Slash—to perfection.

Vladimir Basinov (aka Vladdy Daddy) (aka The Beast from the East) (aka The Moscow Mule) is Jogo's official male model. The other beautiful people on the team may object, but no one can match his high cheekbones, lithe figure and perfectly coiffed hair.

Jogo’s guitar-carrying troubadour, schooled in the German East and famous in the American South. Judith has a hard time writing songs because nobody on the team has ever suffered the blues.

The world's premiere beach defender and a Grip It and Rip It™ handler in his own right, Miguel will make impossible D's and then attempt impossible throws but, oh man, what a ride it will be and what a joy to behold.

Representing the legal side of the classic 'lawyer-doctor' couple, Steph has more money than she knows to do with and recently bought an entire building in trendy Chelsea.

Once worked as a crisis management professional for the yogurt industry in NYC, but has since moved to San Francisco to become a hot rice bag entrepreneur. Once dunked on the same 9 foot basketball hoop as Barack Obama.

A second opinion never hurts. That's why Maria joins Betti as Jogo's official Co-Surgeon General. In her professional opinion, surgery would be advisable.

Sam has the impressive distinction of being the hardest body on a team of hard-bodies. His rugged good looks and surfer style have served him well from the nail-strewn beaches of Wildwood to the scorching hot sands of Santa Marta.

Avoiding the trap of so many talented people before her, Nadine will subvert the dominant paradigm by proving that frisbee players can become obsessed with climbing while continuing to devote most of their time to ultimate.

Frustrated after toiling for 14 years on his middling London club team, Jaimie made the switch to Jogo to finally play some quality, competitive frisbee. As if his finely twirled and waxed handlebar mustache wasn’t distinguishing enough, you can also identify him by the hand-mixed Breezer in his left hand and the hand-rolled cigarette in his right.

Darya began her life on a remote yogurt farm in the cold, Siberian wilderness. But her ambition and adventurousness could not be contained by the desolate tundra. Using focused warm-ups, diligent stretching, and custom-painted nails, she rose the ranks to become CFO of a multinational yogurt conglomerate.

Educated in the industrial north in cutting edge technology, Marty returned to be Chief Product Officer of his native Heilbrondorf. He is, incidentally, the first resident of Heilbrondorf to own a computer.

The living embodiment of the phrase "shooters gonna shoot," Lexi strikes fear in the hearts of opponents and teammates alike with her reckless yet effective flick huck. Her grip-it-and-rip-it style took her all the way to the finals of USAU nationals which, have we mentioned, she won.

Born on the icy plains of Siberia and baptised in the arctic waters of the Yenisei River, Nikita has never known temperatures higher than -20°. His unsmiling face in all photos belies his warm, cheerful demeanor in real life.

Always bragging about the fact that she's a doctor, Sarah still uses her Charité email address even though she hasn't worked there in years. Official Psychiatrist of Jogo Bonito.

As the average age of Jogo Bonito rapidly approaches 30, Albert invigorates the aging squad with youthful vigor, a desire to play defense and a body that isn’t yet falling apart. When not winning Polish ultimate tournaments, you can find him explaining that Dog Frisbee is a real thing.

Inspired by the NBA's pace and space revolution, Ellen has eliminated all mid-range throws from her game and exclusively hucks it deep or scores from the goal line.

Professional videographer for the Brooklyn Nets. Responsible for capturing the highest quality #content at all times.

Roger Federer’s #1 fan, Coco managed to meet her idol at Wimbledon 2018. During a headband signing she gifted the handsome legend an all-white Jogo kit, which he now wears in all Grand Slam knockout matches.

Single-handedly responsible for the self parking function of BMW's luxury sedans, Tano is embroiled in a fierce battle with Jules for Jogo's premiere singer-songwriter heartthrob.

Once Jogo Bonito’s preeminent English speaker and Queen of the Beach, Laura suffered a traumatic fate when a simple tattoo-removal surgery ended with 65 stitches and a new hip. She’s since taken her talents to empowering the Bavarian youth and letting Tano marry her.

Jogo's #1 Family Man, Alan politely declined his invitation to Windmill while his pregnant fiancée, unbeknownst to him, booked his flight to Amsterdam as a surprise birthday gift. True love is real.

Gifted with perfectly straight and wondrously luminous teeth, Sofia enjoys smiling while throwing flicks, smiling while studying architecture, smiling while doing her traditions Swedish warmup dance with Oda and smiling in her sleep.

Once the Little Engine That Could, Muk became the Little Engine That Did in 2018 when he led PoNY to their first ever USAU Nationals victory. He’ll attempt the same feat with his ancestral homeland Ukraine when he’s done partying.

Bavarian. Wears her Oktoberfest dirndl year round. Jogo Bonito's official Life of the Party.

Kaylen is the secret third child of Michael and Sarah Kaye. Due to New Jersey's strict two child policy, he was sent to live with a sympathetic family in rural North Carolina as an infant.

Our Budapest attaché by way of Berlin, Dori speaks that good good Hungarian and strongly advises against ordering gyümölcsleves, Budapest's traditional fruit soup.

DADDY WALCZAK Paul “Daddy” Walczak, seen here represented by his very fashionable progeny Erik, has Jogo’s squarest jaw and firmest handshake. Upon meeting Daddy, you’ll have the feeling that you just completed a high-stakes business deal and retreat immediately to the VIP car of the closest high-speed German train.

Paul “Daddy” Walczak, seen here represented by his very fashionable progeny Erik, has Jogo’s squarest jaw and firmest handshake. Upon meeting Daddy, you’ll have the feeling that you just completed a high-stakes business deal and retreat immediately to the VIP car of the closest high-speed German train.

HANNAH MCCOLLOCH Once the face of Marburg’s party-loving, high-achieving frisbee community, Hannah moved to South America to master the Spanish language and work on her tan.

Once the face of Marburg’s party-loving, high-achieving frisbee community, Hannah moved to South America to master the Spanish language and work on her tan.

Upon learning that breakdancing would be included in the Paris 2024 Olympics but that ultimate would be excluded, Toni started immediately practicing his toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes on the fields of Bubblepest.

Having ascended the frisbee mountaintop by winning gold at Royan, Lera decided to hang up her cleats and focus on growing her hipster bicycle and beanie boutique. She likes to spend her weekends in sub-zero conditions watching inferior, non-world champions play the sport she once dominated.

A renaissance man, Jules is currently a member of all three Wall City prize lines: the All Handsome line, the Piotrek Wojeciecowski All Hard Body line and the top three English speaker podium.

While Smok takes most of the credit for Sandslash during his drunken run-on closing speech, Wika can be found doing most of the organization and management while Smok abuses his free-drink privilege at the Kontener Bar.

An ageless wonder, Christian is the lesser known third member of the original Garden of Eden. Thanks in large part to his decision not to eat the forbidden fruit, CK1 never quite achieved the level of fame of his roommates Adam and Eve.

Laura is a power forward on the Swiss Women's National Basketball Team that won silver in Rio in 2016. In a crazy coincidence -- and this is true -- she and LeBron James had the exact same stat line this year: 27.5 points, 8.6 rebounds, 9.1 assists and 2.7 dunks per game.

A Perfect Throw Every Time™

One of these outrageous tough guys who continues to bike through the winter, Normi plays his best frisbee at Fall League and outdoor tournaments in January. Individually responsible for creating Berlin's best mixed team, the Huckies.

STREET TEAM. Nastia is Jogo’s lone member operating exclusively in the stylish yet authoritarian Russian underground scene. By rubbing shoulders with oligarchs, spies, power brokers and bike accessory salespeople, she’s managed to bring in literally hundreds of Rubles for the brand.

STREET TEAM. Combine the hair of Napoleon Dynamite, the sunglasses of Elton John, the mustache of Waluigi, the chin cleft of Ben Affleck, the sideburns of Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York and the jacket of a very stylish yet comfortable fashionista and you’ll realize that we know nothing about Jeff except what we’ve gleaned from this photograph.

STREET TEAM. Jon has built a comfortable, fulfilling life for himself in Brooklyn. He has many friends, enjoyable hobbies and a bookshelf of mostly good books. However, he’ll never be truly happy until he buys himself a cat.

STREET TEAM. Sinziana is to Romanian hat modeling what Gisele Bündchen is to the German catwalk scene. Admittedly, this isn’t her best Jogo hat photo, but the other one was low-res, so what can you do?

STREET TEAM. Though Jon Read has yet to contribute a single second of his time to Jogo, he was nonetheless granted street team status on the strength of his Mr. Vassar 2009 dance routine.